Tahlequah Regional Development Authority

Economic Development Pooled Financing

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Available to local for-profit entities expanding and making a significant investment. For-profit entities may use withholding taxes generated by entity to repay debt. Two options are available for EDPF: Self-Financing or Public / Bond Financing. Also available to local governments for infrastructure assets which must be owned by the local government.

A $100 million infrastructure Pool is created for bonding local governments for:

  • County/municipal roads & bridges.
  • Water treatment facilities.
  • Solid waste management facilities.
  • Railway and utility systems.
  • Other infrastructure assets owned by local government.


  • Bonds issued by the infrastructure pool are financed or repaid from sales taxes voted by the local community.
  • A $100 million Economic Development Pool was created for public finance to local governments in conjunction with a for-profit entity through ODFA.
  • The Economic Development Pool shall be used for economic development projects in the state.
  • Debt issued from the Economic Development Pool may be paid from withholding taxes, and other revenue, at the for‐profit entity benefited by the financing.
  • For debt obligations issued under this act, there is a maximum maturity of 25 years and a maximum coupon rate of 14%.
  • Requires a letter of determination from the Oklahoma Department of Commerce that the project is net benefit positive for the state.
  • Sixty‐five percent of the net proceeds from both the Infrastructure Pool and the Economic Development Pool shall be used by ODFA for municipalities that do not exceed 300,000 people.
  • The remaining thirty‐five percent may be used by the ODFA for any eligible local government.
  • Effective September 1, 2010 an evergreen clause permits the renewal of issuing capacity by ODFA.