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Small Employer Quality Jobs Program

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Get full program details by downloading the Small Employer Quality Jobs Program Guidelines.


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The Small Employer Quality Jobs Program provides quarterly incentive payments to a qualifying small employer (90 employees or less). Quarterly payments may be as much as 5% of new taxable payroll for up to 7 years. Qualifying payroll must be attributable to annual salaries that are at least 110% of the average wage of the county in which the jobs are located. Qualifying companies must also attain 75% out of state sales.

No Cost Incentive Analysis

Contact an Oklahoma Quality Jobs representative to request a preliminary cost-benefit analysis before you apply. This analysis estimates the payments a project may be eligible to obtain.

Small Employer Quality Jobs Application and Worksheet.  Download and complete the application and worksheet in Excel.

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance regarding program concepts, eligible companies, application guidelines and other information pertaining to the Quality Jobs Program is available upon request and encouraged.

Call (405) 815-5123 (In state), 1-800-588-5959 (Domestic) or 00+1+405-815-5187 (International).

Guidelines and Documentation

  • Quality Jobs Guidelines

Mapping Resources

Geographic information related to incentives are available as interactive maps.


Face-to-Face Assistance specific to manufacturers and service companies

Representation during the approval process

All of it, except for a one-time Origination Fee of $1,000. By working with the Oklahoma Department of Commerce (ODOC), all services rendered during the application and approval process are free of charge. Once an application has been approved and a contract between your company and ODOC is finalized, the Origination Fee of $1,000 will be deducted from the first incentive payment.

Once per calendar quarter, your company will provide information to the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

No. Each calendar quarter your company will need to complete a simple, one-page form indicating the number of qualifying employees your company had in Oklahoma each month of the quarter, and the amount of payroll paid to those employees each month. This information is the same information reported on your OES-3 reports to the Oklahoma Employment Securities Commission. Even if your company uses a consultant, you will still have to generate the payroll data to complete the claim form.

Only if your company ceases operating in Oklahoma within the first three years after enrolling in the program must the money claimed be returned.

The application process involves your company providing the 4-page application and supporting documentation. The length of time required is determined by how quickly this information can be provided to the Oklahoma Department of Commerce. The approval process typically takes a few weeks, following the application process.